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Philips announced its latest endeavor into home entertainment lighting today: amBX interactive gaming lighting. If you recall, or watch commercials at all, you will see the Ambientlight technology Philips currently has available in some models of televisions — this is the exact same thing, but for games. The technology should become available in May of 2006 and Phillips has been in talks with some game manufacturers to get this amBX technology integrated into future games. I got a chuckle out of the press release, and how they describe amBX:

Imagine the room of the future, where all electronic devices are amBX-enabled. The treacherous road to Saigon will turn your room jungle green, swimming with dolphins will splash it deep blue, 'Halo' jumps will turn your fans on full, lightning storms will strobe your white lighting, and attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion will blast on your heaters.

I don t know about you, but the last time I played a dolphin game, it was Ecco for the Genesis, and I'm pretty sure I disowned my parents for buying me such crap.

Press Release [Via Red Ferret]