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Now your Nextel Push-To-Talk phones can do more than just act as walkie-talkies. Sprint has announced a new service called Nextel Direct Send Picture, which lets you to take, send and look at a photo instantly while using the push-to-talk features. And you don't have to switch between voice and data services to use it. Last year, Sprint launched the Direct Send service that let you send contact information and other data to another subscriber's contact list, so this is more of the same. Sprint gives examples of real estate brokers sending images to clients or insurance adjusters using it to assess damage claims. But you can use your imagination for all kinds of fun ways to use it. Until February 28, the service will be free. But after that, you'll be charged 25 cents (!!) to send and receive images. Direct Send Picture can be found on the new Motorola i870 but software upgrades will soon be available for select Nextel models including the Motorola i850, i760, i560, i355 and i275.

Sprint Launches the Latest Innovation for Nextel Walkie-Talkie Services - Nextel Direct Send(SM) Picture [Sprint]