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Creative is coming at us from a different angle this time, launching three small speaker systems. The highest-end set is the GigaWorks ProGamer G500 ($315), which has 5.1 sound, THX certification and 310-Watts RMS of power. It also includes an 8-inch, front-firing, long-throw driver and Twin Flared DynaPort technology for better bass. The satellites have Twin Flared DynaPort technology and 3-inch full-range drivers. They can also be wall mounted and the subwoofer has an auxiliary input that can be used with other audio products. One step down is the Inspire T6060 ($87), another 5.1 system with an 18-Watt center speaker and two-way satellite speakers with a separate tweeter and mid-range driver. A wood subwoofer rounds out this package. The least costly of the bunch is the T3030 ($57), which is only a 2.1 system with smaller satellite speakers for more desktop space and a stereo-to-RCA adapter for connection to home entertainment and music systems.

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