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If you think you'd enjoy the extra work of building a fire before you hit your hot tub, then this Snorkel tub is for you. With stoves that are actually submerged in the tub, you'll have to work with paper, kindling and small logs to prepare a fire, that will then heat the water.

Originally created to provide the luxury of hot tubbing in remote Alaskan areas without electricity, the resulting design, with the stove submerged in the tub, was simple and practical, eliminating the cost and power dependency of conventional systems.

Um, ok. Whatever. But of course, because there's no electric or gas involved, you'll save some cash for sure (the company says between $3000-$3500). To adjust the temperature, you simply adjust the sliding door to the fire area, regulating the air flow to the flames. But this I love. If you accidentally make the water too hot, just start adding some cold water. Like a tub. In your house. Fun. The tub is made from kiln dried Western Red Cedar and can be assembled in just four hours! So, forget about luxury, you can go to the Ritz for that. This is the hot tub for the workin' man.

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