What do former NASA scientists do when they retire? I mean, once you've built rocket engines, why waste those brain cells on something meaningless? Instead, help us all out: go into consumer electronics and solve important problems—like how to stop discs from skipping. SkipDR Advance and SkipDR Automax by Pinpoint are "advanced disc repair systems" that let you clear up scratches on any of your damaged discs—in under one minute. While this rocket engine-inspired design is not something I'd want sitting in the living room, both these products use a handy vertical disc-loading system. With the SkipDR Advance (about $52), you simply spray your disc with the provided resurfacing liquid, stick it in the loading area and turn the handle to spin and buff it clean. The SkipDR Automax (about $60) makes this one step easier. It's the same process, but the wheel is a "replaceable resurfacing wheel" so you don't need any chemicals. You can buff out 50 discs on this one before you have to spring for another wheel. Oh, the technological innovations we are learning from the space age.

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