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Now that so many cellphones are being targeted to women, luxury phone company Vertu decided to go back to its roots and make a manly phone. The Motorsport limited edition (only 997 phones available) takes its cues from the company's participation in the Porsche eMichelin Supercup and Porsche Infineon Carrera Cup Asai. Say that 5 times fast why dontcha? The phone is black and made from liquid metal alloy and oil resistant leather, so it's pretty tough to mess up. And the sapphire crystal screen could show Apple a thing or two about what it means to be scratch-resistant. It includes the brand's dedicated concierge service as well as tri-band (GSM 900,1800 and 1900) with Bluetooth and modem support. Oh, and to make sure it's worth the $5700 price tag, the company claims it actually ran the damn thing over with a racing car. Eat the rich!

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