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  • Wireless carriers band together to establish a rating system for cellphone downloads, including video, music, ringtones, digipics, and games, but the media is smart enough to know all of these shenanigans are just meant to pave the way for what we all want: legitimate, abundant porn downloads. [NY Times (reg)]
  • iRobot Corp., makers of the Roomba (and, according to a hilarious Saturday Night Live parody, manufacturer of the fictitious Woomba), goes public and begins trading on the NASDAQ this morning under the symbol IRBT.
    [Boston Globe]
  • PCs powered by AMD chips outsell those with Intel silicon in October, a rare event that Intel hopes doesn't become a trend. [San Francisco Chronicle]
  • Way bigger than Brad/Angelina/Jennifer: the Razr 's torrid love affair with iTunes is revealed; the world waits to see when a emotionally hurt Rokr appears on Oprah.
    [Chicago Tribune]
  • Tired of hearing about TV on Demand yet? Today's WSJ speculates on how the technology could accelerate the timetable for targeted advertising tailored to your individual consumer profile. [Wall Street Journal (reg)]
  • Sirius deep-sixes plans to build a street level fish bowl studio for the Howard Stern talk show launching in January. The satellite radio company was understandably concerned about breaking NYC s public indecency laws since Howard tends to have more strippers than United Nations dignitaries as guests. [NY Post (reg)]