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Here is the JJS Ascent PEC-A8 straight from China. First off, this thing sucks. It is a combination PDA/PMP and both of which are extremely limited. The PMP video playback supports MPEG1, MPEG4, and WMV9, with a user review saying the MPEG1 and WMV9 are less than satisfactory. It has no video outputs, inputs, and still runs at the ancient USB 1.1 speeds. The PDA doesn t have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and is running Windows CE. This device features a AMD Alchemy 400Mhz processor. The lone cool feature about this gadget is the ability to switch between PDA and PMP mode on the fly, they call it "Switch2PMP" and it is done by simply double clicking an icon.

JJS Ascent PEC-A8 PDA switches to PMP [MobileMag]