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Nintendogs addicts know that the black lab is the hardest dog to find in the game. I recently got a call from a Nintendo publicist who was searching for someone who had a black lab, because they don't know which cartridges have the rare breed loaded on them. (For the uninitiated, each Nintendogs cartridge comes with only a few breeds of dog — so you gotta get 'em all, as they say.) It's obvious that the folks who created this 5-inch tall plush toy really know their stuff. Do you see a German Shepherd plush toy? No you do not. But they do sell the pug, dachshund and Shiba Inu. The thing around its neck is an LCD cleaner, perfect for wiping spittle off the DS screen after a long game of "roll over." $18.95.

Nintendogs Black Lab Plush with LCD Cleaner [Product Page via Popgadget]