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Walt Mossberg just came back from vacation and boy are his arms tired. The Mosser, as we call him around the office, tried something new and interesting—he went without his laptop. I can hear the cries of horror around the old Mid-West Tool, Die, and Insurance office as the regional salesmen thumb past the boring crap in the middle of the WSJ and get to his article. "How can he synergize his linkededness and leverage his on-the-go-time without a portable electronic workspace?" they ask.

Never fear, MBAs! Take a Blackberry and a video iPod. To paraphrase Full Metal Jacket, one is for writin' and one is for fun. And, to cap it off, we discover:

To my surprise, the no-laptop vacation worked really well. The experience convinced me that even some short, light-duty business trips could be conducted without a laptop.

So there you have it. The Seer of the Beltway says you don't have to go into conniptions just because you forgot your ThinkPad. Next Week: We don't need the Scroll Lock key after all!

Imagine It: The Sun, Some Ancient Ruins, You With No Laptop [WSJ - No Reg for this one, but you WILL PAY!]