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There have been mobile gaming pads in the past, all with a recurring theme: they suck. The XEG Mobile Gaming Pad, on the other hand, has a sharp design and excellent form factor — and might even induce me to play a game on a cellphone one day. The controller is arranged like a basic gaming pad, the D-pad on the left and 4 buttons on the right. The XEG doesn't stop there, though. The controller also features L and R triggers and 2 buttons on the bottom called MODE and END. It'll need to be powered by two AAA batteries, but after that just slap in a compatible phone, load up your game, and play away. This is the kind of excellent controller that would work well with games like Afterburner, Mech Assault, and uh, Bejeweled.

XEG The Mobile Phone Pad [Akihabara]