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Ben Heck, maker of all systems portable, has done it again! Inspired this time by the Game Boy Micro, Heck has created his own NES Micro. Designed from the ground up, he manufactured his own case, complete with graphics, to house the system. Then he went and ripped out a bunch of NES parts, wired everything together, and ended up with a great looking system. It takes full-sized NES cartridges, for that true nostalgic feel. It runs off of 4 AA batteries and has a speaker to jam out to your favorite Mega Man boss tune while on the go. Gotta give Ben props for sticking it to Nintendo again. I'd much rather have a portable NES player than my Micro. Now if only he could embed ROM files somehow to eliminate the cartridge. That'd be golden.

Yes, we wrote about this a month ago — but the blogosphere gave us reason to do it again! Page [via BoingBoing]