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  • The crew of that cruise ship under siege by plundering pirates drove off the scoundrels by using their Long-Range Acoustic Device as an ear-drum shattering sonic weapon. [Union Tribune]
  • Music cellphones are going nowhere fast in America, even though they're pretty popular in other countries. According to the article, 2% of U.S. cellphone users have one, versus 19% of European subscribers. Sprint execs are saying music phones will start to sell better here (recommendation: how about not selling music downloads that cost 150% more than what iTunes is charging?), but duh — there's really nowhere to go but up.
    [Wall Street Journal (reg)]
  • The NY Times' David Pogue offers more reasons why Sprint Nextel needs to rethink its music downloading service: in addition to the sky-high prices, he rips on the service's tiny song selection and asinine decision to prohibit using your purchased songs as ringtones. [Boston Globe]
  • The WSJ s Cranky Consumer offers a few pointers on how to talk your way into squeezing the best cellphone upgrade deal out of your wireless carrier.
    [Wall Street Journal (reg)]
  • Winners of this year's Tech Museum Awards in San Jose include a cost-effective solar power system and a waterless toilet (all the sordid details are in the article).
    [San Francisco Chronicle]