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A new addition to DoCoMo's 902i series went on sale today in Japan โ€” the F902i, by Fujitsu. With this generation of phones DoCoMo is really pushing security โ€” not because of any kind of recent increase in crime (I mean this is Japan, people are so polite they ask before stealing something) โ€” but probably more to do with the fact that all new phones work with NTT's recently-introduced "osaifu keitai" ("phone wallet") service. Noteworthy points about this particular model, which has biometrics and uses the Mincho display font, after the jump...

โ€” it has a fingerprint scanner to effectively lock / unlock the phone's features.
โ€” the outer shell has an unorthodox round screen, suitable for displaying an analog clock.
โ€” the display uses a font (Mincho) commonly used for print, which is easier on the eyes than the pixelly screen fonts usuallly found on such devices.

Other than that, this model features camera, mp3 playback functionality and all the usual bells and whistles we expect from a modern handset. Well, that's all very pleasant, but colour me a heathen if I'm the only one getting a little bored with phones coming out week after week with the same functions. So what do I look forward to? Personally, I'm a big fan of the ever more complicated and /or bizarre names they give to the colour variations of these phones and Fujitsu's 902i doesn't disappoint; one of the colours being the quite-possibly-female-oriented "Fairy Lavender".

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