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Well, we've picked 'em. Announcing the 5 winners of our earbuds haiku contest. Read on...

Earbudclips are gay,
But I want some anyway,
Free stuff all the way.

Earbuds love my ears,
But who loves my earbuds back?
Earbuds are lonely.

Twisted Like snakes
Like coathangers run amok
These are not my buds

cable spaghetti,
broken wires, lost foam buds...
could this fix it all?

My purse is a mess
My ipod is in distress
Woe, earbud tangles.

Thanks to all who entered and thanks to our sponsors, Earbudclips. When Ryan said your product was gay, he meant it was joyous and wonderful. Didn't you, Ryan?

The winners will be notified today and receive their prizes quite soon. Stay tuned for our next giveaway. I can't tell you what it is, but let's say it starts with "I REALLY WANT A" and ends with "Pod."