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  • The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences wants to give some love to creators of original content for cellphones and other portable devices. The group, masterminds of the Daytime Emmys (but not the slightly-farcical Primetime Emmys), plans to include the new category first at the next Sports Emmys and then carry it over to other awards ceremonies. [New York Times]
  • Government types in Canada have figured out a way to "stealth BlackBerry" people by circumventing the servers that would normally archive all of their email (and make it available to the public via Canada s version of the Freedom of Information Act). [Toronto Star]
  • In Northern Virginia, a woman known as the "Cell Phone Bandit" is on a bank-robbing rampage. The thief knocks over banks by appearing to be talking on her cell phone while handing the teller notes demanding cash. [Washington Post]
  • Kodak is still #1 in the U.S. digital camera market, at least in terms of shipments to retailers. Canon and Sony tied for second, while Fuji had the biggest jump from #7 to #4. I still don't know anyone who owns a Kodak digicam, but obviously people are buying them. [Chicago Tribune]
  • Like any righteous politician, Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich wants to stamp out corruption. His solution is a bit unconventional though: To weed out the bad eggs, he's encouraging people in his administration to wear hidden recording devices. [Chicago Sun-Times]