Today's DAP Headlines:

The Cowon iAudio U3 gets picture-reviewed once again, Creative's Zen Touch gets a firmware update, and we find the last remaining remnants of Rio's last beta test.

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Cowon's new iAudio U3 seems to be getting pretty good English previews so far. The Koreans have been playing around with this little gem for a while now and have given us several reviews. Sadly, only a few of you will be able to understand a word of what they're saying, so, for the rest of us, they are merely picture-reviews. EblueSun provides us with the review this time around. Hopefully, we will get our hands on U3 shortly and give you our own perspective.

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Creative has released some many players in the last year that it has been sort of hard to keep up with. The Zen Touch seems to often be forgotten, as it came at a time where the iPod Photo had been released, and the general consensus of the Touch was "that would have been good 2 years ago). Creative did update its firmware (2.11.01) and it simply corrects an error with the Custom Eq.

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Many of us mourned the day in which we found out Rio was dead. Sadly, I bring no news of a rebirth. We simply found the last remnants of Rio's beta testing for the "Cubic" and the "Avalon". They seem to have been testing GUI themes/schemes on July 24, only two days before word of their demise.

That's the news for today, see ya next time!

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