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If you've ever fancied sipping on a Steve Jobs Daiquiri or a Jonathan Ives Fuzzy Navel, then Tokyo's new iPod Bar might just be for you. Or so I thought, as I sauntered up to the counter and demanded "something fruity, something like a Wozniak Colada or a Philip Schiller Fru-Fru," only to be met with a mix of bewilderment and pity.

For the iPod Bar in Apple's flagship Japan store in Ginza, Tokyo, is NOT a drinking establishment where one can consume alcoholic beverages whilst simultaneously enjoying the pretentiously cool vibe emanating from the fact that you're in a place that has the word "iPod" in the title. It is in fact an iPod help and support desk, much in the same vein as the more conventional Genius Bar.

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It's a sign that, as if we needed any more proof, iPods are a rather important part of Apple's market now, and they want to keep everyone as happy as possible. Although I'm not sure whether creating a whole Bar for it was necessary, especially when you consider how iPod problems are usually quite limited in variety compared to that of a more complex machine like a Power Mac. I imagine the iPod Bar staff are basically logo-t-shirted, restart-button-combination-pushing monkeys, since most common iPod problems (frozen / won't turn on, etc.) can be fixed in this way apart from serious hardware-related problems.


Still, it's nice to know there is now some specialist help at hand, enabling me to avoid queuing behind people with potentially more lengthy Power Mac, etc.-related problems / inquiries.

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