Well, it's big, I'll give you that. And because it's designed specifically for the iPod, the iTower will be bought by at least 3 billion people. The speaker system, featuring a 42-inch-tall and 9-inch-wide tower with built-in subwoofer and four aluminum cone speakers, comes with a wireless remote and several Zipconnect cables for compatibility with any flavor iPod you may have. It's designed to be paired with Apple's MP3 player—as if the "i" didn't tell you that already—but a standard cable allows you to plug in any old digital music player through the headphone jack. Available at Sharper Image for $200. If you want more than one, additional iTowers go for $100 each.

This is a different product than the other iPod Tower we wrote about.

42 inches tall iTower Ipod Speaker System [New Launches]

Pricing for iTower Speaker System