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Games are gonna get speedier with Hynix Semiconductor's double data rate 4 memory chip, being aimed mainly at consoles and PC graphics cards. The recently announced 512-megabit density GDDR4 chips are high-bandwidth DRAM, which the company claims will be able to process heavy volumes of gaming and video images a hell of a lot quicker than the chips you've got working in your PC right now. It also says data processing speed will be close to twice as fast as the GDDR3 chips being currently used. The GDDR4 chips will operate at 2.9 gigabits per second and can process 11.6GB of data in one second. Wow. Look for mass production of the chip by first quarter 2006 and by mid next year, look for an improved speed of 14.4GB.

New 512-megabit GDDR4 chips push video images to new speeds. [PC World]