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In what must be a direct result of the space-time continuum collapsing around us, an LCD-screened USB stick device has been released that ISN'T yet another mp3 player.

This is a USB memory stick, and a pretty ugly one at that. But wait, before you all say "meh" and start throwing rocks, look at the screen on it! For behold, this memory stick has a neat little dot-matrix screen, onto which it can display useful data such as the amount of free space or, uh, the date and time. There is also a "custom" mode enabling you to put your own text message on the screen. A nice idea, if a little generic-looking.

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Special mention must go to the actual company behind all this. The curiously-named "Solid Alliance" is a company obviously made up of post-cyborg-war human survivors, determined to take back the planet they once owned by using human guile, the power of hope and the desire for freedom—all supported financially by their penchant for producing innovative yet reasonably-priced consumer electronics.

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