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Sony has mapped its way into the portable GPS market with the NV-U50 and NV-U70T. The touch-screen display is 3.5 inches, and has an 80-degree viewing angle. It comes with a "smart cradle" and attaches with a one-touch release suction cup. Sounds like Sony supplied its own GPS chip for the nav-u, and it has a dynamic re-routing capability and can connect to real-time traffic information via TMC (Traffic Message Channel) where available. You won't have any trouble hearing the nav-u tell you when to "turn left" because it is outfitted with a two-way speaker system that includes a "funky 1.6 Woofer at the back and a Tweeter in the front." Funky is not exactly what I look for in a GPS, but that's what the press release says. This baby covers 27 countries and 15 languages, although some of them require a DVD. No price at the moment, but expect to hear more about this at CES.

Update: The mapping, languages and specs that are cited for this product are unique to the European market.


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