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This was never called a French Refrigerator. Thermador used the word "Freedom" to name its just-announced fridge because the fresh food and freezer parts of it can be separated and placed in different parts of your kitchen. Thermadore also introduced the built-in wall oven in the 50s, in case you were curious, so this is yet another first for the appliance company. I do kind of like the idea of it, though I don't know if I'll ever have a kitchen big enough to ponder where to put my freezer versus my fresh food refrigeration units. Each part of the fridge has its own compressor and evaporator that eliminates any odor transfer between the refrigerator and freezer and perfectly regulates the interior temperature with a variance of only 1.5 degrees. Pretty nifty. Comes in stainless steel or can be custom-matched to your existing kitchen cabinets. Alas, these Freedom Refrigerators won't be out until (chuckle) July 4, 2006 and will set you back about $2700-$6700. Also look for a wine chiller in Thermador's Freedom Collection next December. No, I'm not kidding.