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I'm not entirely sure how Gizmodo waded into this Coke vs. Pepsi thing—isn't Nokia vs. Motorola and Apple vs. Everything Else enough? But Gizmodo loves coffee, and after writing about Coke Blak yesterday, reader Yves sent us this update on the cola-coffee wars:

Coke is actually one step behind Pepsi which just market-tested Pepsi Cappuccino in Switzerland and Eastern Europe. I tested it myself (repeatedly) and it's actually pretty good, or at least far better than any berry-flavored cola made so far by both companies...

Note 1: My bad for misspelling "Cappuccino." I thought that, like Coke Blak, Pepsi just dropped a C someplace.
Note 2: Yes, I know all about Pepsi Kona. But doesn't this drink imply milk?