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Ah yes, the third eye. We've all dreamed of having one, though where we'd put it is still up in the air. So it's nice to know Sony's toddler-sized QRIO humanoid robot now has this distinct advantage—smack in the middle of its forehead. The main point of this advancement? To be able to see several people at once, but focus in on only one. So yeah, it still dances, talks, makes general merriment, but now the QRIO can connect, man. This new, improved QRIO was introduced at an intelligent machines exhibit in the Japanese shopping district of Ginza, where the diminutive mechanical humanoid also put on quite a show flirting with the girls (and singling out one particular girl to freak out) and stacking blocks according to color and size. That's quite an extra eye, Sony. Will it come standard on the PS3?

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