Does Your iPhone 5S Crash With a Blue Screen of Death?

If internet chatter is to be believed, Apple has taken a rather unfortunate leaf out of Microsoft's book: its iPhone 5S seems to be crashing in glorious style with a Blue Screen of Death.

A number of iPhone 5S users—on threads on support forums—are reporting random reboots, which occur after the phone's screen flashes up plain blue. The problem appears to be linked to the iWork apps that now comes free on all iOS devices, and is shown off in the above video where a user attempts to multi-task between apps.

Apple's already released iOS 7.0.2 to fix lock-screen bugs, but it seems another update might be needed, too. There is a workaround, if this is troubling you: just disable iCloud syncing for Apple's Pages, Keynote, and Numbers apps. There's currently no word on what Apple is doing to fix the situation. [Elendel via Verge]

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The difference between Apple and Microsoft is Apple will actually fix the problem, whereas with Microsoft you would just endlessly submit "crash" reports and nothing would ever be done to solve the issue.