It's Hard To Imagine A Classier Ad For Cup Noodles

There's a special place in most of our hearts for instant ramen. Whether you have no time, no money, or no will to live, Cup Noodles is a comforting Styrofoam haven in a cruel world. But it's definitely associated with sterile corporate break rooms and bare-mattress-on-the-floor apartments more than pastel animations or farm to table. But this commercial tries to make you see Nissin Cup Noodles differently.


Honestly it probably won't work. There's really nothing about the actual Cup Noodles product that evokes picturesque wheat fields or pigs that are, you know, alive. But Oki Sato's Japanese design studio Nendo makes a valiant effort to connect Cup Noodles with positive food experiences. "Earth Food Creation" doesn't exactly mean anything, but it certainly sounds like a good thing. When you need your sodium fix at the office and self-consciously make a Cup Noodles, you can replay this video in your head and feel like you're the hero of the sustainable food movement. [Spoon & Tamago]