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This contest has been one of the most spectacular in Gizmodo history. Hansel and Gretel didn't know what hit 'em. And it was mighty tough deciding which House deserved the Sharp Aquos 20-inch flat panel TV. The kids who hammered out the laptop? The guy who constructed a sweet Xbox 360 because he couldn't score one in a store? The Geodesic Dome—which, it turns out, was first built in 1983? After clicking through many flickr albums and scrutinizing the size of the gumdrops and the thickness of the frosting on gingerbread lanes from across the world, we have chosen a winner.


This crazed ginger-monster escaped from the mad baker's lab and crushed every other Gizmodo-House, including the one shown in the picture. Several poor gingerbread men lost their shiny buttons on that day. Kudos to the makers of Gizzy, contact us vis to claim the TV.


Huge thanks to Vikuiti, the sponsor of this contest and the technology behind the Aquos.