Give Your iPhone Games the Buttons They Deserve With This Arcade Case

Illustration for article titled Give Your iPhone Games the Buttons They Deserve With This Arcade Case

If your iPhone gaming addiction involves more than just matching jewels or candy, you're probably well aware that a touchscreen doesn't make for the best controller. But why carry a separate solution when the Arcadie Go incorporates physical buttons into a reversible case that's always guaranteed to be there when you need a hit of sweet, sweet mobile gaming?


The case is made of durable but flexible silicone so it's easy to flip it around as often as you like (or need) and there are both iPhone 4 and iPhone 5-sized versions available, you just have to specify which one you need at purchase.

What makes that Arcadie Go particularly great is that it doesn't rely on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or even a tethered connection to your phone. The buttons all interact directly with the screen thanks to a conductive coating on the inside, so battery life will never be an issue. However, it also means that the case is only compatible with games featuring that exact on-screen button layout—and that's probably not a heck of a lot. But it's also just $16, and if it doesn't work with your favorite games, at least it will also protect your device when you realize it's incompatible and throw your phone at the wall in a fit of rage. [Arcadie via The Red Ferret Journal]


According to the app store there are 3 games. Generic Asteroids, Space Invaders, and Pong.