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The Pebble MP3 Player is a new DAP with a kooky name released by Korean-based company EZAV (our sister-site Gizmodo NL wrote about this earlier in the month). Looking a bit like a shiny pebble you'd wear around your neck, the Pebble MP3 Player is pure stylin'. A blue OLED screen allows you to view things such as track information and battery life. This little device also contains a voice recorder and FM tuner for when you just get sick of your MP3s. File formats that are supported include MP3, WMA, and ASF, all transferred via USB 2.0. The Pebble comes in three colors as well: orange, white, and black. You can score the 512MB version for $125 or the 1GB version for $150. Just don't try skipping this across a lake or anything or you'll be sorry.

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