Sony Made a Volcano Spew 8 Million Flowers For This Stunning 4K Ad

If there's one thing Sony knows how to do, it's sell its technology with cool imagery. In past commercials the company has blasted buildings with paint, sent millions of rubber balls bouncing down a street, and even unleashed a small army of Play-Doh bunnies. But this time around, Sony's dumping eight million flowers—three-and-a-half tons worth of petals—into a volcano and onto a small town to sell its 4K TVs in the UK.


The Irazu Volcano in Costa Rica isn't active, though, at least the parts that Sony used. Instead, the creators of this ad had to rely on giant fans and air cannons to create the illusion that the volcano was erupting in a rainbow of petals. It might seem like cheating, but everything seen in the ad was all achieved in-camera, and no computer graphics were used. Not convinced? The making of video included below shows how it was filmed, and makes it easier to understand why using a real live erupting volcano would have been—well—problematic. [YouTube via Fareastgizmos]


David Ruddock

Is it me or is the ad full of video artifacting and crazy-bad upscaling problems? I'm watching it in 1080p and it looks terrible.