If there's even the slightest risk you won't have access to an outlet or a powered USB port for 24 hours, you'd better hope you've got a backup battery in tow to keep your phone alive. And while function usually trumps form when it comes to external power sources, Incase has decided to overthrow the norm with a couple of backup batteries that are downright lovely.

With bright color options, a built-in USB charging cable, and an iPad-friendly 2.1 amp USB port, both the Incase 5400 and 2500 will keep you running through a power outage, or a long flight on an antiquated outlet-less plane. Named for the mAH of their internal batteries, the 5400 and 2500 are available now for $80 and $60, respectively, meaning there's no longer a reason to hide your ugly external battery in a bag or pocket while you're topping off your devices. [Incase via Notcot]