What if, instead of cleaning carpets, your Roomba just wanted to fuuuuuuck? Robo Fabers is an autonomous machine with a singular objective: To illustrate mechanical sexy bits.

LA-based media artist Matthias Dörfelt programmed the little guy to draw: “Basically he is doodling connectors—think of it as robot genitalia—as a first step of planing reproduction,” he told Gizmodo.


First, Dörfelt established certain parameters and different components that would make up each completed work of tech-erotica, then the amorous gizmo would go at it, randomly generating drawings that have the faintest essence of humanity—and offering a glimpse into the strange desires of an inanimate thing.

But it's more like if Wall-E was horny, maybe, because these drawings are unexpectedly sweet.

Dörfelt himself has grown to feel the love for his creation. "My artistic practice will change over the years; Robo Faber's way of drawing won't. In a way, it is an offspring of my creative thinking and practice, frozen in time."

He is currently studying for his MFA at UCLA, where he has done a lot of fantastic work that manages to bring genuine personality out of plain old computers, simply by applying algorithmic rules. Dörfelt's Weird Faces series and I Follow flipbooks are awesome examples of generative art with heart.