Redrawing America's political boundaries in two different ways, a tour of Hong Kong's outdoor escalators, the race to build bigger bike share programs, and a devastating typhoon. Let's start the week off right with some nice urban reads.

  • 10,000 people are feared dead after one of the most powerful typhoons ever to make landfall devastates The Philippines [BBC News]
  • Battle of the bike share programs! Chicago's system is set to eclipse New York City's in size by next year [Transportation Nation]
  • The world's largest women-only university has opened in Saudi Arabia, with a campus designed by Perkins+Will [Architectural Record]
  • Should we really trust transportation departments to make traffic predictions? [The Urbanophile]
  • What's the weirdest place for mayors to be confronted by constituents? [Atlantic Cities]
  • Yankeedom? El Norte? Greater Appalachia? New France? Which real American nation do you live in? [Tufts Magazine]
  • Using design to tackle the sticky issue of gerrymandering in electoral districts [Design Observer]
  • The Atlanta Braves are leaving Atlanta... for a stadium in suburban Cobb County, 14 miles northwest of the city [New York Times]
  • On cockroach horror, urban monstrosity, and the infested landscapes of the future [Eco-Cinema and Film Genre via @soundscrapers]
  • A dizzying video tour of Hong Kong's skyways and outdoor elevators [Jamin Asay via 5 Intriguing Things]
  • And one to grow on: Did watching Sesame Street encourage a generation of Americans to live in more urban environments? [Urban Review STL]

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