Pringles changed the world for the better when it released its perfectly-stacked potato chips-in-a-can approach to snack food. But while the design helped to minimize broken chips, it also made them harder to reach as you went deeper in the can—a problem that's now solved thanks to this brilliant contraption that looks kind of like a shoe horn that mated with a slap wrap bracelet.

When not in use, the Chips Dispenser conveniently hugs the can you're currently devouring—the same way those slap wrap bracelets hugged your wrist. But when you're ready to indulge, it flattens out into a long rigid scoop that lets you snag every last chip in the can. Pricing isn't quite known, but anything south of $100 for this utterly brilliant contraption is a downright steal. [Entrex via Matomeno]