This animated GIF perfectly sums up why no one should ever drive a car

It's not complicated, really. Public transportation makes more sense than driving. Why? Because driving is an inefficient use of resources. Because driving is soul sucking. Because we can fit an unbelievable number of drivers and would-be cars into one bus. This animated GIF reveals the basic mathematics of it all: more drivers means more cars means more traffic means more pollution means worse everything. But if everyone decided to use public transportation, instead? Watch how much we would be better off.


That is, if you have the option of using public transportation, of course. When you live in the suburbs or on a farm, there's really no other option but to drive. But if you live in a city, well, don't throw your car into the streets to add to the chaos. The original GIF was spotted by The Atlantic's Andrew Golis.



Oh, cityfolk

For a significant amount of us, Public Transportation is laughably unreliable and doesn't get you anywhere you need to be.