At Blockbusters across the country, Everything Must Go! Pretty soon, the rental chain's remaining locations will be closed, so last week, workers sifted through the rubble of their once thriving businesses and prepared the stores for the final rite of retail: The liquidation.

We sifted through the multitude of closing announcements on Craigslist and dug out the the choicest—and weirdest—stuff that the many locations are trying to sell. Here's what a Blockbuster fire sale looks like, people. It ain't pretty.

The big, blue spiral gum ball machine is on the docket at nearly every location in America. The proprietors of the Blockbusters in Liberty, Missouri and Hillsboro, Oregon even gave the dispensers their own listings.

Hillsboro is also dispensing with its yellow neon Open sign.

In Ankeny, Iowa, $35 gets you a hand truck.

Surely one of you in the vicinity of Ankeny has a use for this massive security cage?

It appears that most of the 14 stores in Missouri have the same liquidator because they've all got identical listings offering DVD cases at 5 for $1. But don't get ripped off. You can get 200 for $20 in Columbia, South Carolina.

This sounds like a fun entertainment center. Inquire in Katy, Texas about this DISH Kiosk?

You can hit the jackpot on this fun Spinning Wheel in Costa Mesa, California.

And if you start heating up too much on the wheel, the fire extinguisher is on sale there, too.

In Placentia, California, in Northern Orange Country, liquidators provided an unusually detailed price list for the available wares. Mop bucket w/mop, anybody? Wet floor sign to go with said mop bucket w/mop?

Come on, surely someone in Placentia could use an Oreck, Vacuum? No price listed, but we're pretty sure it's for sale.

So, so, much wire shelving for sale. Right next to the Roadhouse Grill and Baskin Robins in Salem, Oregon.

Won't anyone give these lonely shelf fixtures a new home?

Of course, this is Blockbuster, so there are DVDs, games, and VHS tapes by the truckload. The Oviedo, Florida store is serving up hot new releases like R.I.P.D and White House Down. Just in!

Even if you haven't been to Blockbuster in years, all these listings are pretty sad, huh? Here's a heartwarming note from an employee in Salem, Oregon. It was never all about the money, right?

We'll miss you too, Blockbuster.