Aw, these are wonderful. One hundred different architects and designers have each put their own creative spin on a small wooden car for 100% ToBeUs, a traveling exhibition of super minimal mini-roadsters.

Architect Matteo Ragni rounded up a who's-who of big names to contribute, from the Campana brothers to BarberOsgerby to Matali Crasset to Marcel Wanders, and the results? Well, they're all completely adorable and awesome, and I kinda want to be sitting on the carpet surrounded by a whole motorcade to play around with. There's something really lovely about the tactile nature of a plain old piece of wood that will weather with time and get a nice patina from all the domestic traffic and floor-bound adventures.

Each of the rolling blocks was made from a single chunk of cedar, measuring in roughly six inches long, carved by Italian craftsmen—but they're not so precious that they're meant to be seen and not held. If you're Canada-bound between now and February 9th of next year, you can check out the event in person at Toronto's Design Exchange. Otherwise, we've picked some of our favorites here. Or, if you're really revved up, you can purchase a selection of the models online. Vroom! [Azure]