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Wowwee Robotics has a nice booth set up here at the Sands Convention Center with all kinds of new robotic goodies. Three new robots are debuting this year: the P.E.A. BOT, the RS Media, and the Roboreptile.

The RS Media is by far the coolest new Robosapien to come out of CES. It is essentially an evolved version of the Robosapien V2. It is adding in multimedia hardware options and personality editing software. The RS Media has added stereo speakers to the body and hands, a subwoofer, a SD card slot, and a color LCD screen (equivalent in size and quality of the modern cell phone screen). The personality software allows you to download and create various actions, add sounds, add MP3 music, and choreograph dance routines. They are done with individual profiles also, so one SD card could be the "White Guy Jamming to Journey," while another profile could be "Straight Thuggin' with Tupac." Additionally there is a head-mounted camera for picture and video recording. This Robosapien also has all of the other functions of the current V2 model: IR, voice recognition, movement recognition, bipedal walking, etc. This will be going for around $350 and should be available around November. Check out the other two new Robosapiens after the jump.

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The Roboreptile explores the more mobile aspect of the Robosapien line. It uses realistic biomorphic motion and advanced natural dynamics for movement. It has the ability to run at high speeds on four legs, but then can switch over to a slower bipedal movement for other situations. Similar to the other Robosapiens, it uses IR and sonic sensors to prevent reckless running. It can be fully programmed to perform a variety of actions and can also be set in different moods, such as aggressive and defensive/guarding. This will be available in June for around $130.

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The P.E.A.BOT is an initial prototype Robosapien that won't be available until early 2007. He is powered by the Segway motion technology and also includes an LCD screen in the head to add personality (I've always wanted a Tony Danza Robosapien Segway, to be honest). It has IR, programmable personality, dynamic arm movement, and even gaming on the LCD screen. Best of all, the P.E.A. BOT included a back-mounted holster perfect for holding cans. Welcome to your new position as my permanent beer-bitch, P.E.A. BOT. Price range is going to be upwards of $200.