Listen to This Year's 100 Top-Streamed Spotify Tracks Right Here

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If all your favorite playlist is missing is everyone else's playlist favorites, fear not! Spotify has released its 100 most-streamed songs of the 2013, both in the US and globally. The results? The most agreeable mix you'll hear all year—and a whole lot of Rihanna.


The US and Global lists seem to be in some agreement, at least in the top slots. Everyone loved Macklemore (and Ryan Lewis, sure, why not), Imagine Dragons captured the imaginations of streaming American tweens, and something called Avicii apparently exists. Who knew?

Line 'em up and listen below. Remember, even the deep cuts are Grade A Top 40.




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Guys, just remember that you parents and grandparents said the same thing about "the music the kids listen these days" it's a cycle.