The best gifts for true dog lovers

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First of all: if you don't have a dog, please think hard before getting one these holidays. It's a huge responsibility. They are sentient, sensitive beings who will love you all their life, not toys. But if you're a true dog lover, then dive in with us and share your favorite gifts with your fellow canine lovers.


Just follow this format in the comments:

  • Name of the product, $Price (please link this to an Amazon product page when applicable, so people can easily buy it.)
  • Image or video of the product.
  • A note explaining why you think it's great.

Note: if you post shock collars or negative reinforcement stuff your comment will be deleted.

I will start with a couple of my favorites:



Elk Antler for Chewin'

My Boston is a chewing fiend and would go through bags and bags of rawhides while leaving gross slimy ones around the house. Antlers are basically like natural Nylabones, he has one he's been working on for a solid year at this point, they last forever.

Just don't try to take his, he's prepared to protect it by any means necessary.