Flight of the Conchords Shows Us How Robots Will End Mankind

You knew this was coming, but we had to do it. With all the talk around Google and Boston Dynamics, plenty of folks are wondering what the future will look like. Flight of the Conchords have already peered into our robot-led destiny, and things don't look good for us.

Okay, so Bret and Jemaine's folk singing, cardboard-armored robot overlords don't look nearly as imposing as Big Dog. But the poison-gas attack they used to end mankind sounds like a total drag. Still, these robots know how to get down — just listen to that wicked binary solo! At least the music survived.

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Oh hey, 2007. I didn't see you there.

While I really loved FoTC back then, I also was in my final year of High School. Ahh, the memories.

I'll be right back.