Do you hear that? In the distance? That's the sound of thousands of college students shouting with joy. Because designer Benjamin Vermeulen has created a line of easy to assemble flat-pack furniture that doesn't require screws, nuts, bolts, or those dreaded allen wrenches. Just the magic of magnets.

Called the MAG collection—short for Magnetic Assisted Geometry—the line includes a desk, chair, and stackable modular storage cabinets that all assemble, and stay together, with magnets.

And we're not talking the kind of magnets that can barely keep your take-out menus stuck to your fridge door. These magnets are strong enough to allow someone to actually sit in the MAG chair without it collapsing. However, they're not so strong that the furniture can't be disassembled for easy moves one day. Sadly, there's no indication of when or if the MAG line will ever go into production. Which means you won't be able to eliminate Ikea from your life just yet—but hey, at least the meatballs are tasty. [MAG via Dezeen]