Insane bike trick seems to murder the laws of physics

We no longer live on Earth, my friends. We're in some weird world where people can do the impossible. Do you want to fly? You should try. Do you want to spin in the air in both directions? I think you can. Because this insane Superman double backflip bicycle trick destroys everything that should be humanly possible. The rider does a full back flip while fully extended in a Superman pose, somehow re-gathers himself onto the bike and then does another full back flip. All in one jump. Sweet.


Ethen Godfrey-Roberts pulled off this incredible feat on two wheels and people are calling it the biggest bike trick of all time. It might be. Here's another angle.

Watch him go nuts in the video below.

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Brent Rose

This is completely insane. Hyperbole: Completely warranted. Everybody shut up and enjoy it.