We're going to Australia, everybody. You, me, your mother, my neighbor, your dog, the guy on the subway, the girl in the book store, everybody. Why? Because they've built the closest thing to a real life Jurassic Park there. Called Palmersaurus Dinosaur Park, it's home to 160 animatronic dinosaurs that move, blink, roar and just look freaking awesome looking like dinosaurs.

These dinosaurs aren't messing around. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that they range from 8 feet to 72 feet in length and reach as tall as 33 feet in height. Heath Hewitt notes that there are your usual favorite dinosaurs like the the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptors, Triceratops and Brachiosaurus along with some lesser known dinos like Demetrodons and an Ankylosaur. Some dinosaurs are hatching from eggs while Pterodactylus are flying in the sky. This is as good as it gets, people.


Here's a quick tour of the park:

Palmersaurus Dinosaur Park was made by Australian gazillionaire Clive Palmer and is located at Palmer Coolum Resort in Australia. BuzzFeed Australia also has a ton of great pictures of the park here.


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