For all we know, the personal jetpack that will let you fly through the air like an eagle may never become a reality. So this X2 Underwater Jet Pack, from S.C.P. Marine Innovation in the UK, could very well be the next best thing. Instead of soaring like a bird, it lets you zip through the water like a human torpedo thanks to a pair of jetpacks strapped to your wrists.

The X2 is probably a heck of a lot safer than a flying jetpack anyways, because if its rechargeable lithium batteries die when you're in the middle of a fancy underwater maneuver, you'll just lose momentum. There's no deadly fall, and you won't even sink. Unless you're outrunning sharks, it's a minor inconvenience at best.

The X2's creators are currently raising funds to help refine, perfect, and put the getup into production, and if all goes well they anticipate it could sell for around $5,700. So it will be considerably more expensive than a set of flippers and a pair of webbed gloves, but being able to glide over miles of coral reef without getting tired sounds like an awesome excuse to order one for your next tropical holiday—or trip to Atlantis. [Sharein via Dvice]