2013 As Told By Top BitTorrent Searches

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There isn't one central BitTorrent search engine to release top searches queries of the year, but Kickass Torrents is pretty close. It's definitely a go-to for standard stuff. And the most searched terms in 2013 were all over the place. Let's dig in.

The top five is Yify (the group that puts tons of Hollywood movies on torrents), "world war z," "iron man 3," "breaking bad," and "man of steel." And so on. Number 12 is "the lord of the rings appendices." Number 40 is "windows 8."

The Hobbit only made it to number 46, which seems low (good restraint, torrenters), and 49 is How I Met Your Mother, which is cool, but seems kind of high, right? Again these numbers are just for Kickass Torrents, but it's interesting to see what made the Top 50 cut and what didn't. [TorrentFreak]

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lol public trackers amirite guyz?

So fucking annoying. Every time anyone even mentions torrents, you get douchebags coming out of the woodworks with their "private trackers is the best fuck public that shit sucks" bullshit. If you love private trackers so much, fucking stay there and shut the fuck up about it already. Holy shit.

I've never seen ONE of these people say "hey if someone wants in I can help you out" or anything like that. All they wanna do is stroke their fucking misplaced superiority complex. I hardly torrent anything any more nowadays, so public or private doesn't really make much difference to me. I just get really fucking annoyed with people who have this really condescending fucking attitude towards something as meaningless as what kind of fucking torrent site you use.