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Reader Alexander just came back from Beijing with this report that, frankly, makes me squeal like a pig:

I have just come home from a trip to Beijing and I thought I email you about this really cool (?!) thing I saw in a store window not far from my Beijing hotel. It looks like if you buy the Anycall phone you get a free Bluetooth headset + a set of what looks like two bluetooth pig speakers!! I tried several times to ask the staff in the store (there was about 15 of them) more about them, but none of them could speak any English. Through body language I managed to ask if I could buy just the speakers, but apparently I would have to buy the whole package (or that is what I think they ment with their hand movements). Would love to have a pair.

So would I, my friend. Anyone out there got the scoop on these fine swine speakers?

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UPDATE: The 'Stereo Squealers' have been found (big thanks to Andy). Sadly, they are not Bluetooth enabled—they use a regular audio line (unless the Chinese version is a lot better, but I think it's safe to say that these are the same trinkets). The best part is that the power and volume are controlled by the piggy's tail. They cost about $26.

Stereo Squealer' Pig Speakers [BoysStuff]