We all know how it feels. A flame hits the fuse, and sparks spray into the cool nighttime air. Your jaw goes slack and your eyes wide when you hear the boom and smell the smoke. Well, this is how that feeling looks.

Artist and photographer Lisa DiLillo calls this series "Before the Echo," and it's easy to see why the images might make you think of fireworks. There are sparks. There's smoke. There's just not any fire. And that's actually what makes them most intriguing. Broken tree trunks and streaks of light give the illusion of violence, yet this beautiful forest from the future is somehow peaceful.


"The photographs in this series are lightscapes that I created in the forest by introducing various sources of illumination such as smoke, sparks, fireworks and other materials," DiLillo says in a statement accompanying the photos. "These images reflects my fascination with the unseen processes of creation, the volatility of nature, as well as my fears of the unexpected environmental transformations on our horizon."

Part fear, part fascination, part illumination. Yep—sounds about right. Check out more of DiLillo's work here. [Lens Culture]