Watch a TV show use a train to completely obliterate a car

Pure destruction. Top Gear wanted to see exactly what happens when a train smashes into a car stuck on the railroad tracks so they set up a test of their own: they put a minivan on the tracks and pummeled it with a speeding train. It gets pretty brutal.


The train was going 78mph before it obliterated the minivan and pushed the car impressively far away before the train stopped. The minivan that Top Gear smashed looks barely recognizable after.

And the full video:

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Top Gear is about to start their new season, I guess it was posted on Imgur as part of the PR work to remind people of the show. This will be the first time in over a year the show has been back on the air, this comes after an even longer hiatus before the last series. Bottom line, if the three presenters (its actually Clarkson and the producer Wilman) don’t want to do the show any more, or just want to give the finger to the BBC then they should just hand the show over to new folks that want to do the show. The finger is being given to the fans not the BBC, the BBC hates the show but loves the ratings. This clip reminds me just how the Top Gear folks think they can make a great segment justby showing up. Hand the show over to folks that are excited by the subject please.